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Glass Cleaner

Will the Re-Mov brand Glass Cleaner clean chrome and mirrors?
Yes, quickly and effectively.

Does your Glass Cleaner contain ammonia?
No.  Ammonia is a substance that is corrosive and can cause allergy symptoms in sensitive people.  Our Glass Cleaner contains no ammonia.

Why don't you make it blue, green, or a neat color like that?
As with all Re-Mov brand products we don't add any scents, colors or dyes.  Our products clean surface contaminants leaving the surfaces clean and fresh.  We leave the colors, scents and dyes to the other guys.  But why would you want to dye your mirror or window?

Why is your Glass Cleaner  "contractor grade?"
Working many years with contractors and builders has allowed us to gain insight into their world.  Nothing costs a contractor more money than re-work.  Our Glass Cleaner is so effective, it works the first time with minimal effort.  Therefore if the contractors swear by it why wouldn't you?


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 We really like the fact that the solution is non-hazardous. Steve Grossman