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Hard Surface Cleaner


organic_stain_removerCan I use the Hard Surface Cleaner on Granite and Marble surfaces?
Absolutely.  Re-Mov Hard Surface Cleaner is designed for this type of cleaning.

Is it safe for Corian ® or Formica counter tops?
Yes, Re-Mov Hard Surface Cleaner will make even formica shine clean.

Can I use the Hard Surface Cleaner on painted surfaces like my Auto?
Re-Mov Hard Surface Cleaner, while highly effective, is even safe on your car finish.

Why is it clear?
Why add dyes if you want to clean a surface.  Minuscule traces of dyes left behind can alter the color of your surfaces over time with repeated use.  Clean is simply clean, not dyed.



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 We really like the fact that the solution is non-hazardous. Steve Grossman