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Re-Mov™ Odor Neutralizer


Is the Odor Neutralizer safe on carpets and clothing?
Yes, but always test fabrics in an inconspicuous area as some cottons are hypersensitive to water stains.

Why is there no smell?
The Re-Mov brand Odor Neutralizer binds and eliminates odors, not masking or covering them with scented chemicals.

Is it safe to contact with my skin?
Re-Mov brand Odor Eliminator is completely safe and contains no harsh chemicals that would harm a healthy persons skin.

Do I spray it in the air?
No, since Re-Mov brand Odor Neutralizer is designed to bind and remover odors, it must be sprayed directly on the odor source.  Simply spraying in the air like a perfume will not be effective.  But removing the source of the odor will cause the current air odor to dilute disperse quickly.

I notice a slight sour smell for a split moment when I spray the Odor Neutralizer.  Why is this?
The momentary sour smell is the Odor Neutralizers binding and eliminating the odors at their source.  Think of this as the odors final breath.

Will the Odor Neutralizer work on Tobacco odors like in a used car?
Absolutely.  Even the deep rooted and pungent odors like tobacco can be quickly bound and neutralized.

How much Odor Neutralizer do I spray on?
We recommend you saturate the surface to ensure no odor causing particles are left free to smell.  If an odor persists after application, you need to saturate the area.  The odor binders used in the Odor Neutralizer have a finite capacity of odor they can bind.

Cat pee is impossible to remove the smell of, will it work on that?
Yes, even cat pee odor can be neutralized, but again use enough to saturate the area, and repeat a few times if needed.


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 We really like the fact that the solution is non-hazardous. Steve Grossman