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Re-Mov has announced the release of their Silicone and Adhesive Remover that was designed to remove silicones and adhesives while not damaging most surfaces from glass to clear coat, even including paint and varnish. When used to remove silicone, it immediately begins “breaking the bonds”, allowing the user to work away silicone and its residue with a plastic scraper or fingernail. If Re-Mov is not worked, overspills and excess will simply evaporate unchanging silicone or returning adhesives to their previous state. With adhesives, Re-Mov breaks the “internal bonds” and, after a few moments, the adhesive and its residue should wipe up cleanly and effortlessly. According to the company, professionals should expect to have no oily mess or smeared adhesive to try and clean up afterward. Re-Mov Silicone and Adhesive Remover was formulated to be safe on most fabrics and carpets.

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Press Release March 9, 2006

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New ReMov ™ Adhesive & Silicone Remover Saves Time, Saves Money, Saves Projects

Bradenton, Florida  March 9, 2006:  Professional contractors and do it yourselfers alike have always relied on silicones, caulks, glues, tapes and other adhesives as some of the most valuable and indispensable tools for virtually all household and workplace projects.  While a necessity in creating bonds and seals, cleanups and mistakes have caused frustration, loss of time and money, and ruined surfaces when the adhesives needed to be removed.

Re~Mov™ Adhesive & Silicone Remover, a new product from Easy Life Solutions of Bradenton, Florida, is designed to make adhesives, caulk and silicone cleanup easier than ever.  Unlike products that have made similar claims, Re~Mov™ is formulated differently, and works in two ways.  With silicones and polyurethane caulks, ReMov breaks the bond between the silicone and the surface without making a mess and causing even more work. On adhesives, the product dissolves the adhesive in a single step, then cleanly wipes away.

In addition, unlike existing products, Re~Mov™ doesn’t use flammable or corrosive chemicals and contains less than 1% Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs). It is safe for use on most surfaces is gentler on skin. ReMov is more effective than acetone and methyl ethyl ketone, both of which are extremely flammable, toxic and hazardous to the environment.

"Removing silicones and caulks in particular has always been a problem for consumers and professionals alike” said Don Lafreniere, Managing Partner of Easy Life Solutions.  “Silicone needed to provide strong seals, but has been nearly impossible to clean after the job is finished.  To date, the alternative was endless scraping and shaping with a razor, but residue was still embedded in the pores of the glass. Even using harsh chemicals would not completely remove the silicone residue, and created more problems than they solved.  To the contrary,Re~Mov™is effective, safe, and doesn’t risk damaging the surface".

In addition its recommended use on silicone and polyurethane caulks, ReMov is highly effective for use on many adhesives considered to be “difficult” to remove from glass, counter tops, tile and stone, painted surfaces, metal and fabrics.  Even if in place for years, applying ReMov quickly cleans away most common adhesives, including tape residue, “permanent” marine adhesives (such as 3M 5200®)*, surface glues, insulation foams, fire barrier sealant, waterproofing materials, protective films, Liquid Nails ® and other common adhesives.

 “We have customers who have told us that  Re~Mov™ not only saves time and money but literally saves projects,” continued Don Lafreniere.   “Money saved in labor, reworks and ruined materials which were traditionally discarded make ReMov a product that pays for itself again and again.”

Removing silicone and other types of caulks is straightforward: After applying Re~Mov™ the user works the chemical between surface and the caulk. This breaks the initial bond; applying a second time allows the user to wipe the balance of the material away and leaves the surface clean.  For tapes, decals and protective films, Re~Mov™ penetrates from the edges inward. Once the substrate pulls away, the item detaches from its adhesive. For other adhesives, the affected area is sprayed with ReMov and left on for a short time. The longer Re~Mov™ is left on the area, the easier the adhesive and its residue will wipe away.

Re~Mov™ is available for both commercial and consumer applications in 8 ounce bottles, quarts, gallons, 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums. For more information including tech data and MSDS (Manufacturers Safety Data Sheets), visit or call 877-792-9788.

About Easy Life Solutions
Easy Life Solutions of Bradenton, Florida, manufactures a number of products in the Re~Mov™ Cleaning Systems line including Adhesive, Caulk and Silicone removers, Odor eliminators, rust, calcium and lime removers, hard surface and glass cleaners, and stain removers.  The company offers products for contractor, household, institutional, automotive, and marine markets. The company holds a number of patents, and has been recognized for offering innovation and eco-friendly products.


*5200 is a registered trademark of the 3M company. 

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