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Re-Mov™ Heavy Duty Stain Lifter

Re-Mov™ Heavy Duty Stain Lifter is an all-purpose solution to make stains virtually disappear. Unlike other cleaners, Re-Mov™ is virtually odor free, and contains no environmentally unfriendly or noxious chemicals. Safe enough to use on most fabrics, carpeting, furniture, or clothing, yet effective enough to eliminate tough stains, Re-Mov™ makes cleanup nearly magic.

Eliminates Stains such as: 

  • Grease and Oil
  • Mud
  • Grass Stains
  • Wine
  • Food Stains and Spills
  • Blood
  • Feces and Urine Stains
  • Pet Stains

Effective and Safe for Use on:

  • Most Fabrics
  • Carpets
  • Most Clothing
  • Most Bedding
  • Vinyls and Plastics
  • Hard surfaces

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 We really like the fact that the solution is non-hazardous. Steve Grossman