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Adhesive and Silicone Remover


siliconeadhesiveremoverCan I dilute Re-Mov Adhesive and Silicone Remover?
No.  The Adhesive and Silicone Remover is specialty formulated and ready to use in its current concentration.  Adding solvents or water will simply make it ineffective.

Can I use Re-Mov on fabric?
Yes, it will not change the color or damage the fabric.

Can I use Re-Mov on carpet?
Yes, Re-Mov can be used on carpet as well; it will not change the color or damage the carpet. As with all products, you should test a small non visible area.

Is Re-Mov safe on metal?
Yes, it can be used on all types of metal including anodized aluminum.

Can I use Re-Mov to remover tar from the exterior of my car?
Yes, Re-Mov will not damage the finish on your car.

Is it safe on polycarbonates and fiberglass?
Yes, it will not cloud or damage these surfaces.

Can I use Re-Mov on wood?
It is safe to use on all wood surfaces, painted, varnished, polyurethane, or unfinished.

Do I have to clean the surface after using Re-Mov?
No, once you have cleaned with Re-Mov the surface is ready for the application of other adhesives or can be left as a clean surface. There is no messy residue to clean up.

Can Re-Mov be used on counter-tops?
Yes, it is safe on Formica, granite, marble, cultured marble, chrome and enamel finishes.

If I apply Re-Mov to silicone caulk and let it stand will it do anything?
No, to remove the silicone the product must be worked, if you just let it stand, it will evaporate leaving the silicone caulk untouched. Please see direction page for complete removal instructions.

Can I use Re-Mov to remove gum from carpet?
Yes, it is very effective for removing gum, tar, glue, tape residue and even Liquid Nails® from carpets and fabrics.

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 We really like the fact that the solution is non-hazardous. Steve Grossman