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Carpet Cleaner


Can I use your cleaner in a steamer or carpet cleaning machine?
Yes.  You will get some slight foaming, but when used with an agitating carpet cleaner, the results are phenomenal.

Will the Carpet Cleaner and Refresher harm my foam under the carpet?
Absolutely not.  You foam padding will remain safe and soft for years to come.

Can I use the Carpet Cleaner and Refresher as a spot treater?
Re-Mov brand Carpet Cleaner and Refresher is so highly effective, it can be used as a spot treatment for nasty spills like red wine and ketchup.

Is the cleaner safe for my expensive carpet?
Re-Mov brand Carpet Cleaner and Refresher is even used in some of America's largest carpet manufacturing plants.  If the carpet manufacturer knows it is safe and highly effective, you can rest assured it is.

Is the Carpet Cleaner and Refresher dilutable with water?
Yes the Carpet Cleaner and Refresher is dilutable with water, and even diluted, it is still highly effective.

When I have cleaned my house carpets before, I noticed they get dirty a lot faster.  Why is this?
Most carpet cleaners are simply soap.  If you do not rinse soap out, it will continue to grab dirt making your carpets look dirty again.  Re-Mov Brand Carpet Cleaner and Refresher also works best when rinsed, but since we use less "soap" than most cleaners, and use more "bond breaking" chemicals, our Carpet Cleaner and Refresher rinses more quickly and easily.


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 We really like the fact that the solution is non-hazardous. Steve Grossman